Nita emerges as an enigmatic artist and songwriter, whose neo hip-hop styles transcend musical boundaries. Raised in Charlotte, NC, she now calls Atlanta, GA her home. From a young age, Nita was drawn to the arts, including dance, music, writing, and modeling. Her love for poetry blossomed into a passion for songwriting, and her musical inspirations include the likes of Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu. With her signature blend of sultry melodies and poetic lyrics, Nita graces stages across Atlanta, using her platform to inspire self-expression and empowerment. In addition to her musical talents, Nita is also a podcast host and fashionista, always striving for the next creative outlet. Her journey continues as she works on new music, with dreams of seeing her unique sound gracing the soundtracks of film and television.

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